New sirys

So over the last few years of university my work has centred around Glaze development.  While this is a fascinating and rewording if not frustrating research topic. I cam to a slight hiccup when I gradated, no kiln.
what was i going to do? i didn’t even have a studio. (one of the downsides to relocating to a different city, starting at ground zero with all crafts.)
the first six month were relatively dry on the ceramics front i was able to join a Blacksmiths collective, which i will always be thankful for.
But in that time i discovered a new way of working with disc fired ceramics, carving away at it to create a sculptural relive on the work, i have yet to fire one but i look forewords to seeing what will happen.
how will it fire, will carved slip cast porcelain survive a glaze?
who knows?  but it would be a shame for these pics to stay at the bisc stage.